Education is the best prerequisite for opportunity; the two are often proportional. The Royal School of Canada has two principle aims. We are committed to making the secondary school learning experience as relevant and pleasant as possible. We are also committed to providing every student who wishes to pursue post-secondary studies that opportunity.  

Globalization has made competition for post-secondary education fiercer. Universities turn away many more than they accept, and increasing numbers of graduates find themselves underemployed or unemployed. This does not apply to those who are at or near the top of their class. The Royal School of Canada will work to get your son / daughter to the top and keep him / her there.

The Royal School of Canada will put your son / daughter on that path to success. Any student who demonstrates a conscious and conscientious desire to fulfill each courses requirements will be rewarded. Both effort and results will be recognized. We are conscious of each students individuality, and accommodate and encourage independence and initiative. Aware that many factors influence behaviour and academic performance, our staff provide an inclusive, non-judgmental learning environment that encourages diversity of thought, acceptance of opposing views, and acknowledgement that all must collaborate in sharing Earths limited resources. 

The Royal School of Canada exists today to prepare for your students' tomorrows. Give them their best chance at post-secondary studies by enrolling them at the Royal School of Canada.

School Advantages:

  • Increase marks 20% over public school*

  • Graduate in April

  • Earn up to 12 credits per year

  • Minimal homework

  • BEd Teachers each with 10+ years experience

  • Small classes

* based upon average student enrolment Sept 2011-Apr 2012

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