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Are the teachers at The Royal School of Canada experienced?

All the teachers at the Royal School of Canada have graduated from Faculties of Education and are therefore fully trained teachers. Each of our teachers has at least ten years¡¯ public and private school teaching experience, and speaks English as a first language.

Why should I enroll my son / daughter at The Royal School of Canada?

There are many reasons for you to enrol your son / daughter at The Royal School of Canada.

  1. Top marks: Students who complete credits at the Royal School of Canada have seen their averages increase an average of 20% over their public school results. (Based on enrolment September 2011 - April 2012)
  2. April graduation: Our eight-credit school year ends in April, a full two months ahead of the public school system. This allows RSC students to begin summer employment earlier or earn extra credits during RSC¡¯s summer semester.
  3. Earn 12 credits per year: Because of RSC¡¯s three-semester school year, students could earn up to four additional credits during the optional third semester in May, June, and July. 
  4. Minimal homework/assignments: once students demonstrate competence in an area, the teacher moves on. Students are not inundated with unnecessary homework or assignments. The total expected should not exceed two hours per night.
  5. Small classes: there will be no more than fifteen students per class, allowing teachers to provide individual attention to students.
  6. Caring, compassionate, experienced teachers: RSC¡¯s teachers want all our students to gain admission to the university of their choice, and will do everything they can to maximize student results. Each teacher has at least ten years public and private teaching experience and has graduated from a Faculty of Education with a Bachelor of Education.
  7. Native English speaking teachers: All our teachers have English as a first language.
  8. Guaranteed university admission: The Royal School of Canada has obtained agreements with numerous universities guaranteeing student acceptance if academic criteria are met. Standards vary from university to university.
  9. Flexible, affordable payments. The Royal School of Canada can tailor a payment plan to suit your budget. See ¡°Fees¡±.

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