Dear Parents/Students,

Thank you for your interest in the Royal School of Canada. The Royal School of Canada believes every student who wishes to pursue post-secondary education should be provided that opportunity. Since one¡¯s secondary school performance is neither a predictor nor a guarantee of post-secondary achievement, the Royal School of Canada will do everything it can to prepare and assist your son or daughter¡¯s entry into university. Your son¡¯s / daughter¡¯s best opportunity for post-secondary success is with the Royal School of Canada. 

Most of the Royal School of Canada¡¯s high school programs are designed for students who want to pursue a professional / academic career, such as medicine, engineering, accounting, business management, or law. Eight credits can be taken between September and April, with an optional four-credit semester between May and August. Almost all our courses are university-geared and are based on the Ontario Ministry of Education curriculum guidelines. Our teachers are qualified, experienced, and dedicated to the short, medium, and long-term success of every student.

Our teaching, counseling, and administrative staff are available throughout the year for consultation and assistance. They will assist you and your family to make the best decisions for your son and / or daughter. 

I look forward to discussing your son¡¯s / daughter¡¯s future with you, for their success is our success.   


Mr. Scott Headrick BA BEd

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